Sonam Kapoor feared being labeled as a ‘fashionista with no acting skills’ | Bollywood

Popular Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor celebrates her 39th birthday on June 9. Over the years, she has been recognized for both her impeccable fashion sense and her acting skills. However, there was a period in her career when she feared being typecast as a ‘fashionista who can’t act’. In a candid interview with The Quint back in 2016, Sonam expressed her desire to be acknowledged for more than just her fashion choices.

Sonam Kapoor turns 39 on June 9.
Sonam Kapoor turns 39 on June 9.

Embracing Her Multifaceted Identity

During the interview, Sonam shared her aspirations of someday directing a film and breaking away from the stereotype that had plagued her self-esteem. She revealed, “I wanted to disown myself due to the labels attached to me. But I have persevered through those challenging times and emerged stronger. As the Whitney Houston song goes, ‘I’m every woman’ – I embody multiple facets beyond just fashion and glamour.”

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Reconciling with Public Perception

In a turn of events, Sonam addressed remarks made by her former co-star Imran Khan about her focus on fashion. Refusing to conform to any specific label, she emphasized the intrinsic connection between fashion and acting. She cited iconic figures like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, highlighting that being a fashion icon does not diminish one’s acting prowess.

Balancing Act Between Fashion and Acting

In a recent interview with YS Life, Sonam expressed contentment with being recognized for both her acting talent and fashion sense. When posed with the choice between being a style icon or a leading actor, she humbly stated, “I cannot choose between the two. I believe that my identity encompasses both aspects, and I am proud to be known for both.” Sonam’s versatile persona shines through as she embraces her unique identity in the entertainment industry.

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