SS Rajamouli laments that India still views animation as merely for children; describes it as ‘surprising’ | Web Series.

Renowned filmmaker SS Rajamouli recently made headlines as he promoted the upcoming Disney+ Hotstar animated series, Baahubali: Crown of Blood, in Hyderabad. During a press conference, Rajamouli shared his thoughts on why he believes this animated series is a significant step forward for the Baahubali franchise. He also emphasized the need for Indian filmmakers to start viewing animation as a powerful medium for storytelling.

Rajamouli expressed his surprise at the fact that India predominantly associates animation with children’s content, unlike countries like Japan where animation caters to a broader audience. He highlighted the need for Indian artists to explore various storytelling mediums beyond traditional films. Despite the massive success of films like Baahubali, he noted that there is a vast untapped potential in reaching diverse audiences through mediums like animation.

The director acknowledged the presence of an audience for animation in Hyderabad and stressed the importance of embracing different forms of storytelling. He emphasized the need to move away from the traditional mindset of telling stories only through films and to expand into mediums like novels, games, and anime. Rajamouli believes that bringing the story of Baahubali to a wider audience is crucial for the franchise’s growth.

In line with Rajamouli’s vision, producer Shobu Yarlagadda discussed how the Baahubali franchise has the potential to expand beyond just films. He emphasized the importance of creating a multi-media brand that can cater to audiences of all ages. Yarlagadda hinted at exciting future projects that aim to immerse fans further into the captivating world of Baahubali.

The animated series, Baahubali: Crown of Blood, is set to premiere on Disney+ Hotstar on May 17 in multiple languages. The series delves into the darker elements of the Mahishmati kingdom’s history, posing a significant challenge that shapes the destinies of Baahubali and Bhallaladeva. Rajamouli revealed that the events depicted in the series occur concurrently with the storyline of the Baahubali films, offering fans a deeper insight into the epic saga.

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