Starring in Full Nude Scenes: My Shocking Experience with a South Director

The actress was also seen recently in ‘The Shameless’, for which Anasuya Sengupta won the Best Actress award in the Un Certain Regard segment at Cannes
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Mita Vaishisht is known for films like Ghulam and Taal and the actress was also seen recently in The Shameless, for which Anasuya Sengupta won the Best Actress award in the Un Certain Regard segment at Cannes.

In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, she spoke about her journey as an actress and also made some unheard revelations. Vashisht said, “I do miss the early days when I was on a high due to working with celebrated filmmakers. But the interesting thing is that I can fit into any genre. Like, I was a part of a mainstream film like Taal (1999). Its a character that people have still not forgotten. Some actors are not able to fit into every genre.”

The actress added, “In my first two films, Siddheshwari (1989) and Kasba (1990), I had done full nude scenes. I work with the integrity of the director and that of the film. There are times when I have been offered lead roles and I have declined.”

When a South director wanted her to stay with him

“A director from South met me in Chennai. He offered me a lead role. The actress he had worked with was like the Smita Patil of the South. At that time, she had just won a major award. He offered me the role but the condition was that I should live with him for two months. I told him, ‘Bullshit, keep your role and get lost’! There was not even a second thought,” revealed the actress revealed.

She added, “It was a lead role and yet I walked off as I didn’t like the man. He might be a hot shot in the Telugu industry whose heroines were winning awards but I don’t give a damn. For me, the art of acting is very pristine. And that is wonderful as I have worked with some of the greatest directors, that too on my terms in many ways. There has been a lot of mutual respect.”

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