Tata Avinya transitions to premium EV brand with upcoming EVs from Tata

Tata Motors’ Chief Technical Officer, Srivatsa, has revealed exciting details about the upcoming Tata Avinya electric vehicle brand. Avinya, first showcased as a concept in April 2022, will not be just a single vehicle but a premium all-electric brand that will introduce a range of cars and SUVs. These vehicles will be based on Tata’s Gen 3 EV architecture, with the first model expected to debut in late 2025.

Here are some key highlights about the Tata Avinya brand:

1. **Premium Electric Brand**: Srivatsa emphasized that Avinya is more than just a model, it’s a brand that will offer a range of products. These vehicles will be positioned at the higher end of Tata’s product lineup, with a focus on SUVs and MPVs.

2. **Multiple Products**: The Avinya range will encompass various sizes and body styles, catering to different customer preferences. While there may be some overlap with Tata’s existing EVs, there will be no strict price differentiation, allowing for a diverse lineup.

3. **Manufacturing**: Tata’s new plant in Tamil Nadu will be the production hub for the Avinya range. With a significant investment of Rs 9,000 crore, this facility will not only build Avinya cars but could also be used for manufacturing Jaguar Land Rover EVs.

4. **JLR’s EMA Architecture**: Tata Motors will utilize Jaguar Land Rover’s modular EMA architecture as the foundation for Avinya cars. This platform, announced in 2021, will offer cost benefits while ensuring localization to enhance competitiveness.

Overall, the Tata Avinya brand promises to revolutionize the electric vehicle market with a versatile lineup of premium electric vehicles. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development in the automotive industry.

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