TVS iQube Electric Scooter: Price, Range, Pricing, and Recall Details

TVS Motor has issued a voluntary recall for its popular iQube electric scooter due to a potential issue with the bridge tube component in the chassis. The affected units were manufactured between July 10, 2023, and September 09, 2023.

Here are some key points to note about the recall:
1. It could impact around 45,000 units of the iQube electric scooter.
2. Corrective measures will be taken at no cost to the customer.

Although the exact number of affected units has not been disclosed, sales data from the corresponding period last year indicate that approximately 45,000 units were sold between August and October 2023. The company has assured customers that they will be contacted directly or through dealers to schedule inspections and necessary repairs promptly.

TVS has stated that most scooters may only require a part replacement, but in cases where a full chassis replacement is necessary, it will be done at no extra charge to the customer. This recall is aimed at ensuring optimal ride handling over extended use, following a recent incident where a video of a TVS iQube with a broken chassis circulated online.

This prompt action from TVS indicates a commitment to customer safety and satisfaction. It is reassuring to see the company take proactive measures to address the issue and provide necessary repairs swiftly. Customers can expect a phased approach to appointments for inspections and repairs to minimize inconvenience.

In addition to the recall announcement, TVS has released new variants of the iQube electric scooter to cater to diverse customer preferences. This proactive approach demonstrates the brand’s commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions in the electric scooter segment.

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