TVS iQube: Range, Pricing and Recall Details

TVS Motor has issued a voluntary recall for its iQube electric scooter model due to a potential issue with the bridge tube component in the chassis. This recall affects units manufactured between July 10, 2023 and September 09, 2023. While the exact number of affected units has not been disclosed by the company, sales figures from the same period last year suggest that around 45,000 units may be impacted.

Customers who own the affected scooters will be contacted by TVS Motor either directly or through authorized dealers for inspection and any necessary corrective measures. The company has assured that all necessary rectifications will be carried out at no cost to the customer. In some cases, the component may need to be replaced, while in more severe instances, a complete chassis replacement may be required.

The decision to recall the affected units comes as a proactive measure to ensure the safety and performance of the vehicles over extended usage. This move follows a recent incident where a TVS iQube with a broken chassis was widely shared online. The prompt action taken by TVS Motor to address the issue and provide necessary solutions is commendable.

It is important for customers to follow the instructions provided by TVS Motor to schedule inspections and necessary repairs to ensure the continued reliability of their iQube electric scooters. The company’s commitment to customer safety and satisfaction is evident in its swift response to the situation. We look forward to seeing the affected scooters back on the road in optimal condition after the necessary corrective measures have been completed.

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