USA travel alert: Landslide closes key Wyoming Highway, disrupting tourist town commutes | Travel.

A recent landslide in western Wyoming has caused major disruptions for commuters and residents in the area, especially as the busy summer season kicks off in the Yellowstone region. The landslide completely wiped out a crucial two-lane road near Teton Pass, leaving thousands of workers who commute to the tourist town of Jackson, Wyoming, from eastern Idaho stranded.

The closure of Wyoming Highway 22, which connects Jackson to eastern Idaho, has left commuters facing uncertainty as to when the road will reopen. Despite not being the primary route to Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks, the highway serves as a vital link for daily commuters traveling to and from Jackson.

The situation continues to unfold, with ongoing concerns for those who rely on the highway for their daily commutes. The closure of the road has impacted various professionals, including teachers, healthcare workers, and public safety officers, who work in Jackson but cannot afford to live in the expensive Teton County.

As authorities work on short-term solutions to assist affected commuters, such as providing temporary housing options and offering free bus services, the focus remains on reopening and rebuilding the damaged highway. The Wyoming Department of Transportation is working on a plan to partially reopen the road in the coming weeks, with the goal of ensuring the safety of workers and preventing future landslides.

Despite the challenges ahead, residents like McCarthy are preparing for longer commutes and finding ways to cope with the changes. As the community works together to address the crisis and support those affected, efforts are being made to mitigate the impact of the landslide and restore access to vital transportation routes.

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