Viral: Glen Powell’s ‘crazy’ cannibal story shocks the Internet, reveals urban legend from early 2000s | Hollywood

Glen Powell, known for his roles in various films including Top Gun: Maverick, has captured the attention of Hollywood and beyond with his recent successes. From his early days in Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over to his upcoming projects like Anyone But You, Hit Man, and Twisters, Powell is making waves in the entertainment industry.

This image released by Netflix shows Glen Powell in a scene from "Hit Man." (Netflix via AP)(AP)
This image released by Netflix shows Glen Powell in a scene from “Hit Man.” (Netflix via AP)(AP)

Recently, Powell made headlines when he appeared on social media star Jake Shane’s talk show “Therapuss.” Their intriguing interaction, recorded in May 2024, has now started gaining viral attention on the Internet.

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During the show, Powell shared a shocking story about a cannibal, supposedly based on an experience his sister’s friend had. The tale involved a date that took a terrifying turn, revealing the dark secrets of the man she went out with.

Glen Powell’s Viral Crazy Cannibal Story

Powell recounted how his sister’s friend, after having a seemingly pleasant date, discovered that her companion was a cannibal. The chilling details of the story unfolded as she realized the gruesome truth behind the man’s intentions.

According to Powell, the girl’s instincts kicked in when she felt something was off during their encounter. The shocking revelation of the man’s sinister motives left her running for safety, ultimately leading to a disturbing discovery about his twisted desires.

As the story spread, social media erupted with shock and disbelief, with some questioning the validity of the tale and others praising the girl for her quick thinking in escaping such a horrifying situation.

Social Media Reactions and Urban Legends

The story sparked a debate online, with many speculating about its authenticity. Some compared it to a 2001 urban legend about a necrophiliac, raising doubts about the credibility of Powell’s narrative.

While some believed the story to be a modern twist on old myths, others questioned the feasibility of such events occurring in reality. The discussion surrounding Powell’s cannibal story brought attention to the enduring fascination with urban legends and the blurred lines between fact and fiction.

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