As Shabana Azmi backs Kangana Ranaut after slapgate, a recap of their feud | Bollywood.

Recently, a video of Kangana Ranaut being slapped by a CISF constable at the Chandigarh airport circulated online, sparking controversy. The incident led to Kangana expressing her disappointment in the lack of support from her fellow Bollywood colleagues. Despite this, surprising voices from the industry, including those with past feuds like Shabana Azmi, came forward to show solidarity.

Shabana Azmi recently extended support to Kangana Ranaut
Shabana Azmi recently extended support to Kangana Ranaut

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The Padmaavat episode

In 2017, during the controversy surrounding Deepika Padukone’s role in Padmaavat, Kangana Ranaut differed from other female actors in the industry by not joining the demand for action, as she believed the campaign led by Shabana Azmi was politically motivated.

Tiff with Hrithik Roshan

Prior to that, Kangana had a public fallout with Hrithik Roshan, where she accused him and his family friends Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi of threatening her to remain silent about their alleged affair. She claimed that Shabana’s support for her during this period was selective.

Legal battle with Javed Akhtar

Adding to the friction, Javed Akhtar filed a complaint against Kangana, accusing her of defamation related to Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. In retaliation, Kangana filed a counter-complaint, alleging criminal intimidation against Javed. This legal battle further strained the relationship between Kangana and Shabana.

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