Drake Accuses Elliott Wilson of ‘Ratting’ Him Out to Kendrick Lamar

The ongoing feud between Kendrick Lamar and Drake seems to have taken a new twist with the involvement of hip-hop journalist Elliott Wilson. In a recent episode of the Joe Budden Podcast, Wilson revealed some behind-the-scenes conversations he had with Drake, leading to allegations that he may have been leaking information to Lamar.

During the podcast, Wilson shared details of a text exchange with Drake where the Canadian rapper responded with a “rat emoji” when asked about his diss track aimed at Kendrick Lamar. This gesture from Drake seemed to suggest that he suspected Wilson of being an informant for Lamar during their heated rivalry.

Wilson further speculated on why Drake may have thought he was leaking information to Lamar, pointing out that he was in Venice at the same time as the Pulitzer-winning musician during their feud. These details added fuel to the fire of the alleged narrative that Wilson was colluding with Lamar against Drake.

In addition to addressing these allegations on the podcast, Wilson also engaged with fans on social media who accused him of leaking information. One fan claimed that Wilson had shared release information with DJ Hed, who in turn informed Kendrick and Twitter, leading to a chain of events.

Despite their previous working relationship, Wilson and Drake seem to have fallen out, with signs of their rift becoming apparent. Wilson openly supported Lamar during the feud, even going as far as to claim Lamar as the victor in their battle. This support for Lamar seemed to have irked Drake, who responded with his own jabs at Wilson on social media.

The relationship between Wilson and Drake, once amicable, now appears to be strained due to these recent developments. The music journalist’s involvement in the ongoing drama between Drake and Lamar has added a new layer of complexity to the hip-hop beef, with fans eagerly following each twist and turn in the saga.

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