Taylor Swift adds gloves to Eras Tour wardrobe for first time in Edinburgh, here’s why.

Taylor Swift surprised fans at her Eras Tour stop in Edinburgh, Scotland by adding a new accessory to her wardrobe – chic black gloves. The 34-year-old singer debuted the gloves during The Tortured Poets Department set at the Gas Murrayfield Stadium, where she performed to a sold-out crowd on June 8th.

The gloves were paired with a custom white Vivienne Westwood gown adorned with the lyrics “I love you, it’s running my life,” in cursive. While the gloves added an elegant touch to her ensemble, it seems that functionality may have played a role in their addition. Swift may have worn the gloves to keep her hands warm in the chilly Scottish weather, as she experienced a hand cramp during the previous night’s acoustic performance.

Fans took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to share their theories on why Swift decided to wear gloves during her performance. Some speculated that it could be a hint at an upcoming album announcement, while others expressed sympathy for the singer dealing with the cold temperatures in Scotland.

One fan empathized with Swift, saying, “Taylor is now wearing black gloves during the TTPD set tonight after her hand cramped from the cold yesterday. As someone who isn’t used to this weather even though it’s warm for locals, same Taylor, same.” Another fan noted, “Tbh, this is quite bizarre weather we’re having at the moment and it’s unusually cold for this time of year. Sorry you’re suffering but us Scots are feeling the chill too.”

Overall, Swift’s addition of gloves to her Eras Tour wardrobe not only added a stylish element to her performance look but also served a practical purpose in keeping her hands warm during the chilly Scottish nights. Fans can’t wait to see what other surprises the singer has in store as she continues her tour.

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