Taylor Swift fans are wearing adult diapers for Eras Tour: Reddit suggests best ‘bathroom break songs’.

Die-hard Swifties attending Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour are taking their devotion to a whole new level by wearing adult diapers to ensure they don’t miss a single moment of her performance. Fans have been sharing their experiences on social media, sparking debates about the lengths they’re willing to go to for the pop star. As Swift prepares for her next stop in Scotland, the discussion is buzzing about whether a bathroom break is worth missing any part of the show.

While some fans are opting for adult diapers to avoid missing a song, others are turning to Reddit for advice on the best “bathroom break” songs during the tour. According to one TikTok user, the ideal time to sneak away for a restroom break is right after Taylor performs “Enchanted,” before the interlude leading up to her hit song “Red.” Another fan recommends hitting the restroom after the opening act but before Taylor takes the stage to ensure a successful bathroom break.

Fans have also shared their strategies for timing their breaks during specific songs, such as running to the restroom during high-energy tracks like “Shake It Off” or using longer tracks like “All Too Well (10 Minute Version)” as an opportunity to buy merchandise with minimal interruption. Hosts like Ria Ciuffo have applauded these tactics, highlighting how exiting during longer tracks allows fans to miss only a small portion of the performance.

As Taylor Swift gears up for three back-to-back shows in Scotland followed by performances in Liverpool and Wales, fans are getting creative in their approach to enjoying the Eras Tour without missing a beat. Whether it’s through strategic bathroom breaks or unique ways to maximize their concert experience, Swifties are proving just how dedicated they are to their favorite artist.

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